Dolittle (2020) – Movie Trailer

From the producer of Alice in Wonderland and The Maleficent and distributed by Universal Studios, comes the movie Dolittle, with great Robert Downey Jr. in the main role. It will be premiered this January, after two release date changes (It was planned to be released on April 2019, then May 2019). The film’s cast is awesome and includes 5 Oscar winners and additional 3 Oscar nominees!

Jungle Cruise (2020) – Movie Trailer

If you like old-fashioned adventure movies, then the Jungle Cruise would be perfect for you, full of action and easy comedy for all ages. The movie is inspired by the world-famous theme park ride from Disneyland and it is ideal for family watching. Walt Disney Studios will premiere this film next summer!

Onward (2020) – Movie Trailer

The newest baby of animation studios Pixar is the movie Onward, but we have to wait until spring to see it in the theaters. After Toy Story 4, it is the first their movie to be released and the first original film released next year. After this one, they have prepared another completely new movie named Soul, which will come out in summer 2020.

The Turning (2020) – Movie Trailer

From Universal Studios, Dreamworks and the writers of The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, comes a new horror drama named The Turning next January. Inspired by the novel of Henry James, a haunted-house theme is always a good option for a scary movie. And, as I have already said a lot of times, horror movies with children in the main roles are always the scariest…

Earthquake Bird (2019) – Movie Trailer

From 4-times Academy Award nominee producer Ridley Scott (The Martian (2015), Blade Runner (1982), Gladiator (2000)) and Netflix, comes the new movie named Earthquake Bird, a crime/drama with elements of mystery... Based on an acclaimed novel by Susanna Jones. You can watch it next month on Netflix or in selected theaters.

Tell Me Who I Am (2019) – Movie Trailer

I’m usually don’t write about documentary movies, but the film Tell Me Who I Am has an extraordinary story and it’s done like an ordinary movie. A true story with real-life people and not actors, telling their emotional story. The documentary is brought by Netflix and will be premiered next week.

Daybreak (2019) – TV Series Trailer

What’s the thing that people from Netflix do the best? TV Series, yes! A new TV Series named Daybreak is coming to Netflix in around two weeks and it looks that the target audience is teenagers. A lot of humor, action and teenage stuff will entertain you in the first 10 episodes of Season 1. And if you like it, they will prepare another season!

Portals (2019) – Movie Trailer

Not so known production house Screen Media Films comes with a new Sci-Fi film named Portals. Directors and producers of the movie are well-known filmmakers in horror genre by films like V/H/S, Beyond Skyline or The Blair Witch Project. The first scene from the trailer looks like already seen dozen of times in Sci-Fi movies, driving a car, radio interferences, voices… Anyways, let us give them a shot, maybe the movie will surprise us…

Richard Jewell (2019) – Movie Trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures will bring to us a great movie named Richard Jewell in theaters this winter, on December 13. Based on a true story about a terrorist attempt from the 1996 Olympics. We will re-live the story thanks to living legend Clint Eastwood, who is one of the most responsible for this movie, as a director.

The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019) – Movie Trailer

Almost every actor which plays one of the main roles in the movie The Personal History of David Copperfield has won, or has been nominated for some of the most prestigious awards in the cinematography world! After watching this first international trailer for the movie, it looks that we will have lots of fun watching it. Great humor, awesome cast, directed by great director... sounds very promising.