Monkey Festival!!!

Monkey-Festival-in-Lop-BuriThe main attraction of this area is a group of monkeys that run freely for the city.
They are mainly localized to templio of San Phra Kan, but you can also see wander in the street, close to shops, or simply that penzolano from the trees.
It can be fun to spend an hour look, as can be similar to us sometimes.
The only other interesting thing to Lopburi is the palace of King Narai, with a beautiful garden, a museum and various historical ruins.
Twenty among the best Thai cooks have set up a banquet by 500000 Bhat (about $ 15000) consists of two tons of sausages, fresh fruit, fruit, vegetables, ice cream, jam and milk. Banquet it seems highly appreciated by around 2000 visitors to put it mildly curious since 2000 were macachi!
In the small town of Lopburi (Thailand) each year is celebrated the Festival of the Apes, where he...