Fantasy Island (2020) – Movie Trailer

Next February, Sony Pictures have scheduled the premiere of the horror movie Fantasy Island, based on a popular TV Series from the ‘70s about a magical island resort. The main difference is that the new version is actually a horror adaptation with an interesting twist. The cast of the movie isn’t unknown as it is usually in horror movies and the trailer looks interesting… As I said, the premiere is scheduled for Valentine's Day, so, you can invite your partner for a romantic fantasy night in the cinema…

The Invisible Man (2020) – Movie Trailer

Great Sci-Fi thriller is coming soon from the Universal Studios kitchen named The Invisible Man with Elisabeth Moss in the main role. We had a few movies in the past with similar stories involving invisible man, but this one is done a little but different as more scary and more thrilling..

Color Out of Space (2020) – Movie Trailer

It looks that Nicolas Cage was pretty busy this year as he has made six movies and has a few more in post-production. Anyways, none of them are standing out as the majority are standard or “low quality” movies. The next one that comes to the theaters is Color Out of Space and will be premiered in January next year. I will put it in the category of “medium” horror films as I didn’t see anything revolutionary in the trailer for the movie. But, please, check it out yourselves and make your opinion about it.

Dracula (2019) – TV Series Teaser Trailer

When BBC signs something as their product than it has to be good! From the makers of TV Series Sherlock (2010-2017) with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the main roles, comes a new Mini TV Series named Dracula. Yes, it is weird that BBC comes out with a horror TV Series, but they probably have a reason. The first teaser trailer looks promising, we will see how the show looks very soon.

The Grudge (2020) – Movie Trailer

Horror movie The Grudge was first imagined to be the reboot of the movies by Takashi Shimizu from 2004 and 2006, but the director of the movie, Nicolas Pesce described it as an interquel, that takes place between those 2 movies. The development of the movie started back in 2013 when it was first announced, but it has been finished this year and will be premiered on January 3.

Daniel Isn’t Real (2019) – Movie Trailer

Not so known director and not so known producers, but this horror movie looks descent after looking at the newest trailer. The film is named Daniel Isn't Real and will be premiered in theaters at the beginning of December. In the main role, we will see the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick and a few new young faces. The story of the movie is based on a novel by Brian DeLeeuw.

I See You (2019) – Movie Trailer

It is always nice to see different distribution companies coming with successful and good movies out there. Saban Films have a nice couple of movies out there for the end of this year as Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Night Hunter and now really great horror/thriller named I See You with Oscar winner Helen Hunt in the main role! The trailer looks awesome and commentaries in it are even more intriguing.

The Turning (2020) – Movie Trailer

From Universal Studios, Dreamworks and the writers of The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, comes a new horror drama named The Turning next January. Inspired by the novel of Henry James, a haunted-house theme is always a good option for a scary movie. And, as I have already said a lot of times, horror movies with children in the main roles are always the scariest…

Portals (2019) – Movie Trailer

Not so known production house Screen Media Films comes with a new Sci-Fi film named Portals. Directors and producers of the movie are well-known filmmakers in horror genre by films like V/H/S, Beyond Skyline or The Blair Witch Project. The first scene from the trailer looks like already seen dozen of times in Sci-Fi movies, driving a car, radio interferences, voices… Anyways, let us give them a shot, maybe the movie will surprise us…

Wounds (2019) – Movie Trailer

Another promising horror movie is coming in less than a month named Wounds. It’s produced under the production of the Hulu TV network (one of the companies under the umbrella of The Walt Disney Company), which is getting aggressive with great new TV Series, but lately, also by movies.