In the Tall Grass (2019) – Movie Trailer

As I already said in some of my previous posts, besides doing an awesome TV Series, Netflix has started to produce amazing movies also. One of them will probably be In the Tall Grass, film based on a novel by two great horror writers, Stephen King and Joe Hill. The movie will be premiered on Netflix on October 4. Judging by this trailer, it looks creepy as hell, which is a positive thing for a horror movie

Countdown (2019) – Movie Trailer

While I’m following the new trailers for movies, I’ve got a feeling that every second one is in the horror/thriller genre. Or there is a high demand for that type of entertainment, or people see their surroundings as a horror movie and find a connection with the films. 🙂 Anyways, Countdown is the name of the newest one which will come to theaters next month.

Black Christmas (2019) – Movie Trailer

Do you like old-fashioned horror movies in "Friday the 13th or Halloween" style? Well, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions brings us a new horror movie named Black Christmas and it will be a perfect fit for that kind of fan. Good-old killing-horror without ghosts and stuff...

Doctor Sleep (2019) – Final Trailer

Yes, I know… I have already written about Doctor Sleep movie, but… The final trailer has been released and it gives us a better look into the film and I don’t want you to miss it guys… Have to admit that Warner Bros. Pictures has very nicely dose these trailers before the final premiere which will be in only two months.

Antlers (2020) – Movie Teaser Trailer

If one of the producers of the movie is the living legend of horror Guillermo del Toro and one of the main characters is a child, is it enough info to call your attention? 🙂 The film Antlers still doesn't have a release date, but the teaser trailer is out, and it looks awesome!

Underwater (2019) – Movie Trailer

I don't know why, but the beginning of the trailer for the Underwater movie reminded me of a film Matrix. Maybe because of the sound effects, or camera, don't know, but maybe that was the intention of the producers to catch our attention. Anyways, the story is not so original, but I like the trailer and probably will like the movie. One is sure, we have to wait until the next year to watch it, because the premiere is planned for January 2020.

Little Monsters (2019) – Movie Red-Band Trailer

Love story or zombie apocalypse? This is the million-dollar question for viewers of the Little Monsters movie. It looks that zombies are the most suitable horror creatures for making a comedy film and we have another one in front of our eyes. Just that this one is also a romantic comedy genre...

It Chapter Two (2019) – Movie Trailer

After the remake of the cult movie It from 1990, it is a time to move on now. This September, we will see the end of the evil clown, or maybe not? 🙂 Poster and trailer say that the end is coming, but, you can never know with It. 🙂 The first teaser trailer was full of mysteries, let's take a look at the second one…

Stranger Things 3 (2016-) – TV Series Final Trailer

Okay, okay... I know... I have already written about the third season of Stranger Things, but the last trailer was too light... too soft... without any action... I think that Netflix wanted to make us sleep, to create a quiet atmosphere around the fans and series... And then, BOOM!

Trespassers (2019) – Movie Trailer

I'm really not so horror-lover, but lately, there are a lot of trailers in that genre, so I suppose that there is a large demand for that kind of movie. The film Trespassers is a typical example of old school horrors...