Rock and Roll Christmas (2019) – Movie Trailer

In a lack of latest quality trailers, I have searched deeper into new stuff and found this interesting TV movie that you can watch on iTunes. The Rock and Roll Christmas is a film, distributed by MarVista Entertainment, a small company specialized in TV movies.

Three Christs (2020) – Movie Trailer

The movie Three Christs was planned to be released back in 2017, but it was prolonged to the later dates. It was premiered at TIFF in Toronto in September 2017, but it will hit theaters for a world-wide public next January. The movie is based on a book The Three Christs of Ypsilanti, by Milton Rokeach and it is both comic and deeply moving, with awesome cast full of great actors.

Things to do in Vegas – Other Than Casinos!

When you think of going on holiday to Las Vegas, the casino strip will no doubt pop into your head. This city actually offers a whole lot more than casino gaming, which of course thanks to casino giants such as Mr Green or Slot Shack, you can enjoy from the comfort of your home anyway! Stepping away from the strip can give you a great experience. Here are our suggestions:


Stay in Different Themed Hotels

In the bizarre homage that Las Vegas offers to other cities, you’ll see hotels themed on every type of design. Some of the Parisian and Venetian themed hotels are truly spellbinding, so if you’re staying for a few nights sample more than one! Head over to The Venetian on St Mark’s Square to experience their magical gondola rides around their man made canals.


Visit the Museums

You may not think of Las Vegas as an educational experience but there’s no reason that it can’t be! There are lots of really quirky museums in the city, like the Mob Museum and Atomic Testing Museum. The Pinball Museum should definitely be on your list, as it features more than 150 vintage pinball machines that you can play on.  

Experience the Stratosphere

If you’re looking for a thrill then head to the Stratosphere, the tallest building in Vegas. When you get up to the top floor you won’t find postcards or a viewing station, you’ll find rides. These will whirl you around, drop you and generally scare you to death at a crazy altitude. There’s a hotel just underneath the tower and if you’re feeling really brave you can even jump off it.  

Go on a Bar Crawl

There are so many crazy themed bars in Vegas, you can get anything from a $200 cocktail to having a drink while watching a mermaid show. The Mermaid Bar and Lounge is where you’ll find the latter, as they have a team of crack swimmers in full regalia ready to put on a show. If you fancy something more upmarket then you can sample some of the wine tasting bars in the area too.  

Experience First Friday

If you venture into the downtown area of the city then you’ll find a community of local artisans. On the first Friday of every month they come together to put on a small festival. This is the perfect place to snap up gifts for those back home and check out the local art scene too.

As you can see, Vegas has so much more than most people ever experience. So take a step away from the strip and find out what this eclectic city could bring you.

She’s Missing (2019) – Movie Trailer

Vertical Entertainment is one of the newer film distribution companies, it is just 7 years old, but this year they have some interesting movies and famous actors under their roof. Films like Spider in the Web with Ben Kingsley, or The Professor and the Madman with Mel Gibson and Sean Penn, but also some other movies like She's Missing, with not so famous actors. It is okay to try different genres and actors, but the newest movie didn’t turn out as they expected. It is already in the theaters, but the overall ratings are lower than expected (on IMDB it is 4.2/10).

Honey Boy (2019) – Movie Trailer

There were no big noise around the movie Honey Boy before the premiere and it’s already, at this moments, in the theaters around the world. But, on the other side, the movie has received a bunch of prestigious rewards on the International festivals like Sundance, Hollywood or London Film Festival. Great job done by Alma Har'el (director) and Shia LaBeouf (screenplay and main role) has brought a very nice ratings for the movie!

The Call of the Wild (2020) – Movie Trailer

If you have watched recent interviews with Harrison Ford you have probably noticed his “poker face” firing sneaky jokes and playing the “lone wolf” role… Well, in the movie The Call of the Wild, he has to play a similar role, so I found it like a perfect fit for his personality… The official trailer looks great and it’s a pity that it is not scheduled for Christmas time as I think it is a perfect adventure family movie for watch on a cold winter day…

The Death and Life of John F. Donovan (2020) – Movie Trailer

The movie The Death and Life of John F. Donovan was nominated for the Best Canadian Feature Film and it has really awesome cast of famous stars with interesting story. Natalie Portman, Susan Sarandon and young Jacob Tremblay have bring this story to life and watching the trailer I thought that it was actually based on the true story.

The Way Back (2020) – Movie Trailer

I hope that the movie The Way Back will be good as the trailer is! It looks like a sports story, but it’s a lot more about the ordinary man fighting with himself and bad decisions from the past. As always, Ben Affleck has done his job magnificently, bring this story very close to everybody and make us wonder about our decisions and future steps in our lives.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (2020) – Movie Trailer

Paramount Pictures is polishing out its newest animation movie named simply - The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. 🙂 The movie is done differently than a TV Series, as it is completely done in the CGI motion picture. Personally, I like more the old-type animation movies, but I’m a big fan of SpongeBob and I have to give a chance for this movie.

Seberg (2019) – Movie Trailer

The movie Seberg is another great one that is coming from Amazon Studios with Kirsten Stewart in the main role. The movie is based on a true story about iconic American actress Jean Seberg, who lived half her life in France, but become famous by her performance in Jean-Luc Godards’s movie Breathless and her fight for civil rights.