Color Out of Space (2020) – Movie Trailer

It looks that Nicolas Cage was pretty busy this year as he has made six movies and has a few more in post-production. Anyways, none of them are standing out as the majority are standard or “low quality” movies. The next one that comes to the theaters is Color Out of Space and will be premiered in January next year. I will put it in the category of “medium” horror films as I didn’t see anything revolutionary in the trailer for the movie. But, please, check it out yourselves and make your opinion about it.

I See You (2019) – Movie Trailer

It is always nice to see different distribution companies coming with successful and good movies out there. Saban Films have a nice couple of movies out there for the end of this year as Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Night Hunter and now really great horror/thriller named I See You with Oscar winner Helen Hunt in the main role! The trailer looks awesome and commentaries in it are even more intriguing.