Harriet (2019) – Movie Trailer

On YouTube, someone made a nice summary of the Harriet Tubman in just one word: “BADASS”. There is no doubt that she is one of the iconic personalities from the history of humanity, not just the United States. Also, it is a big surprise that she didn’t get a movie about her life earlier?! Anyways, that mistake is corrected and we will have a chance to watch the movie Harriet at the beginning of a November this year.

Midway (2019) – Movie Teaser Trailer

What a great acting/directing/producing crew is gathered around this movie! Almost every actor in Midway is the Golden Globe nominee, a director is well-known with impressive movies behind and the story is based on historical events. Lionsgate Movies are responsible for film distribution and they know how to tease and lure the people to the cinemas as we can see from this trailer.