Ordinary Love (2019) – Movie Trailer

Universal Pictures has prepared a new drama movie with two Academy Award nominees in the main roles. Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville will show us how one ordinary love can be extraordinary. The movie is named Ordinary Love and will come to theaters on December 6.

Fractured (2019) – Movie Trailer

Almost every day Netflix is bombing us with new awesome TV Series and great movies. And, it’s interesting that we don’t see too many trailers for the same movie a few months before the premiere. Usually, it is one trailer a month before the movie is aired, like for this great thriller named Fractured which will come to Netflix on October 11.

The Rhythm Section (2019) – Movie Trailer

A new action movie is coming from the Paramount Pictures kitchen with a beautiful Blake Lively and Oscar winner Jude Law in the main roles. She is going on revenge against the organization which realized a plane crash. The first trailer looks very good and the premiere of the movie is expected for the end of January next year.

Dark Waters (2019) – Movie Trailer

If you still believe in honest politicians and other modern fairytales, then take a look at the official trailer for the movie Dark Water, and in November the whole movie. Inspired on shocking true events, and represents a never-ending fight between the world’s largest corporations and the small man. Ones are searching for profit and don’t fear anything, even when people’s lives are involved.

In the Tall Grass (2019) – Movie Trailer

As I already said in some of my previous posts, besides doing an awesome TV Series, Netflix has started to produce amazing movies also. One of them will probably be In the Tall Grass, film based on a novel by two great horror writers, Stephen King and Joe Hill. The movie will be premiered on Netflix on October 4. Judging by this trailer, it looks creepy as hell, which is a positive thing for a horror movie

The Secret Garden (2020) – Teaser Trailer

From the producers of Harry Potter and Paddington comes the new adventure movie named The Secret Garden, with awesome Oscar winner Colin Firth in one of the main roles. It will come to cinemas next Spring and it is a great opportunity for parents to take out your children to watch this never-old story.

Ford v Ferrari (2019) – Movie Trailer

Another great movie is scheduled to be released in the middle of November. 20th Century Fox will premiere its movie named Ford v Ferrari, with Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the main roles. The film is based on the true story, so if you like fast cars and racing, this is an awesome movie for you. And you will learn something about the history of racing, too!

Motherless Brooklyn (2019) – Movie Trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures as a producer, and Oscar nominee Edward Norton, as a director, writer, and star, brings the movie Motherless Brooklyn into the cinemas on November 1st. It’s interesting that the film screen began in 1999 when Edward found the potential in the novel by Jonathan Lethem, but the journey gets into end this year.

Radioactive (2019) – Movie Trailer

From the producers, Working Title Films (Darkest Hour (2017), Yesterday (2019)) and Shoebox Films (Locke (2013), Serenity (2019)) come the new biography movie named Radioactive, about one of the most important female scientists ever, Marie Curie. Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike has taken the responsibility of taking the role of this intelligent woman.

Countdown (2019) – Movie Trailer

While I’m following the new trailers for movies, I’ve got a feeling that every second one is in the horror/thriller genre. Or there is a high demand for that type of entertainment, or people see their surroundings as a horror movie and find a connection with the films. 🙂 Anyways, Countdown is the name of the newest one which will come to theaters next month.