Atypical (2019) – TV Series Season 3 Trailer

Another great TV Series from Netflix has reached its third season. Started back in 2017, the series Atypical will get its third season which was aired the day before yesterday and you can already check it out on your favorite TV network! I know that the name of the series is Atypical, but most of people will recognized some of the things and events from their lives...

The Witcher (2019) – TV Series Trailer

TV network Netflix will premiere this December one of their newest projects, in the area that they known the best to do… The newest TV Series, named The Witcher, with Henry Cavill in the main role will come to our homes this Christmas. The main trailer looks awesome and I hope that we will have a lot of fun watching the first 8 episodes of the first season.

Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) – Final Movie Trailer

I have already written about the Jumanji: The Next Level when the first official trailer was out, but they have published the new final trailer for the movie today! I have to admit that Sony Pictures have done a hell of a job with this movie, as it looks amazing. If we add the awesome cast, watching this movie in the theaters will be a lot of fun.

Greener Grass (2019) – Movie Trailer

Well, this is the movie that I call weird. 🙂 Actually, the movie Greener Grass is the full-length remake of the short movie with the same name from 2015. Someone told in one review that it is the movie “made by two women having fun”, creating some weird, but good jokes… Give it a chance to the movie… At least you can check the trailer and see if it is for you.

Dracula (2019) – TV Series Teaser Trailer

When BBC signs something as their product than it has to be good! From the makers of TV Series Sherlock (2010-2017) with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the main roles, comes a new Mini TV Series named Dracula. Yes, it is weird that BBC comes out with a horror TV Series, but they probably have a reason. The first teaser trailer looks promising, we will see how the show looks very soon.

Code 8 (2019) – Movie Teaser Trailer

It is interesting to see some actor that is closely connected with his character in another movie. That is a very often situation with the movies from Marvel or DC Comics, or any other superhero movies. The actor is connected to his role and it is not easy to find a “job” in other movies. That is the case with Stephen Amell (a well-known for his main role in TV Series Arrow) and, honestly, I didn’t see him in any other movie until this one. Code 8 is the movie situated in a fictional world, a little different that ours.

The Grudge (2020) – Movie Trailer

Horror movie The Grudge was first imagined to be the reboot of the movies by Takashi Shimizu from 2004 and 2006, but the director of the movie, Nicolas Pesce described it as an interquel, that takes place between those 2 movies. The development of the movie started back in 2013 when it was first announced, but it has been finished this year and will be premiered on January 3.

Daniel Isn’t Real (2019) – Movie Trailer

Not so known director and not so known producers, but this horror movie looks descent after looking at the newest trailer. The film is named Daniel Isn't Real and will be premiered in theaters at the beginning of December. In the main role, we will see the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick and a few new young faces. The story of the movie is based on a novel by Brian DeLeeuw.

StarDog and TurboCat (2019) – Movie Trailer

At last, one refreshing and different animation movie comes to theaters very soon. The movie is named StarDog and TurboCat and will be premiered in the UK on December 6. If you liked A Shaun the Sheep movies, you will like this one for sure! Lots of great humor and comedy lines, the movie is ideal for family watching…

Let It Snow (2019) – Movie Trailer

I want to clarify one thing right at the beginning. I’m really not a big fan of romantic comedies, and especially not teenage movies… But, that is probably that I’m an old fart… 🙂 Anyways, Netflix will premiere the movie named Let It Snow that can be classified in this category. One thing more to clarify… Teenagers, this is just a fiction movie, it’s not always like this in real life, so don’t get depressed.