Sculptures Made by Carving Pumpkins

sculptures-Made-by-Carving-PumpkinsIn the spirit of Halloween this week’s feature is all about sculpture, that is, sculptures made by carving pumpkins! Scott Cummins from Perryton Texas is one of the best, he enjoys sculpting into the rind of the pumpkin for a three-dimensional effect. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Are you ready for Halloween?

The Worst Photoshop Fails

The Worst Photoshop FailsThese worst photoshop fails will have you wondering what in the world happened to quality control.
A collection of complete Photoshop mishaps from the media, where they tend to exaggerate a bit.
These people make a living doing this tuff... enjoy these horribly embarassing Photoshop FAILS from around the world!

The Terrifyingly Realistic Snake Cake

The-Terrifyingly-Realistic-Snake-CakeThis is not a real snake. It’s a snake cake. North Star Cakes made this thing to resemble a Burmese python. While I appreciate the effort, I gotta ask — Why’d it have to be snakes? I live for cake, just like every other fat kid who’s got a lot of love to give but nowhere to put it, but I’m not thrilled about this to say the least. Neither is Indiana. Sure, he’s in the middle of dealing with bigger, better, and more adventurous things, but I’m speaking for the both of us when I say “NOT cool.” Sure, it’s not gonna stop me from eating the cake outta this bad boy, but I’m not gonna be happy about it. Oh no, I’m gonna get a tummy ache and cry in my bed while watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. What?! It makes me feel less-bad about myself!

Bicycle Club Pavilion by NL Architects

Bicycle Club Pavilion by NL ArchitectsHousing Corporation Vanke Asked NL Architects to make a proposal for a Bike Club as part of a big resort in Souther China. TheClub should accomodate bike rental and a cafe. A protruding roof could be very welcome in the very tropical climate of the area. The elegant curvature of the steeply banked oval bike track creates an optimistic gesture: eaves curled upward; a surprisingly functional pagoda.

Bronx Zoo Opens Kid-Friendly Safari With Lego Animals

Bronx Zoo Opens Kid-Friendly Safari With Lego AnimalsYou already know our little fondness for Legos and pixels, this summer the Bronx Zoo center exhibits LEGO sculptures on view just outside in our Wild Forest area. Tigers, spray toads, flamingos, gorillas, penguins, and other exotic wildlife, created by LEGO’s talented team of expert builders, sit in natural habitats scattered throughout the zoo.

The Most Extensive Face Transplant in History

The Most Extensive Face Transplant in HistoryAn American man has had what doctors say is the most extensive face transplant in history. The man’s name is Richard Lee Norris and years ago he suffered massive facial injuries in a gun accident. The accident destroyed most of the man’s lips and nose as well as his jaw and left him with limited mouth movement and no sense of smell.

The surgery was performed at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and was paid for by the U.S. Navy as part of a program to develop techniques to help soldiers with facial injuries from combat recover. The surgery lasted 36 hours and gave Norris new teeth, nose, tongue, and jaw. Physicians say the man is now recovering well and has brushed his new teeth and shaved since the surgery.

Bizarre Animal Sport – Ferret Legging

Ferret-LeggingBefore the promulgation of worthwhile American sports such as baseball, football, basketball or hockey*, non-Americans were forced to content themselves with quasi-sports like croquet, Duck-Duck-Goose and soccer.  It’s no surprise then that these diversion-starved people began to invent their own increasingly bizarre ‘sports.’
However, the Yorkshire miners who in the 1970s invented ferret legging, also known as ferret-down-trousers, had no such excuse.  Although week after week, color television offered far safer and more athletically meritorious sports, the Yorkies designed a contest that very often results in bleeding genitals.

Beautiful Carnival in Rio de Janeiro Photos

Carnival-in-Rio-de-JaneiroCarnival Season for 2011 is nearing its end. All over the world, celebrations are held as a final party before the fasting of Lent, as a way to usher out the winter and welcome spring. Across Europe and the Americas, parades and festivals have been taking place for nearly a month, culminating in the largest, most famous party of all: the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The festivals in Rio continue until today, March 8th. Gathered below are images from the past several weeks of carnivals around the globe.