Pine Pollen For Healthier Life

Pine pollen is one of the best gifts of nature. It has a wide range of health properties and it contains more than 200 nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids…

In Chinese medicine they used pine pollen more than 2,000 years ago as a medicine for better health, rejuvenation and longevity.

Of course, it is very important that the pollen is not polluted or treated. If you buy it, check the manufacturer and see if it’s 100% natural, without additives, sugar or artificial colors.

These are some of the key characteristics of the pine pollen:
– contains all 8 basic amino acids or proteins as well as various essential amino acids
– contains almost all Vitamin B
– contains vitamins D2 and D3 (vitamin D3 is very rarely found in plants)
– it is good for detoxifying and improve the flexibility of joints and connective tissue
– improves the immune system
– supports the work of the gland of the endocrine system and the hormonal balance
– it can reduce the sensitivity to pain
– it is ideal supplement to nutrition, protects against flu and colds
– regulates cholesterol
– it can protect from radiation (certain level)
– it is strong antioxidant
– regulates the level of testosterone (both women and men)
– regulates level of hormones and facilitates menopause
– boosts libido

How to use pine pollen?
Freshly collected pollen can be added to meals, milk, yogurt, shakes or juice. Bought in a stores as powder, can be mixed with honey. You can consume one spoon daily. It is advisable to take it in the morning, before breakfast.

The pine pollen can be used every day for an unlimited amount of time, and the results are visible even after a month.

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