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Celtic Jewelry Symbols and Meanings

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It is easy to spot and distinguish a piece of Celtic jewelry in a wide range of different pieces of jewelry in your local jewelry shop. Most, if not all, of these pieces of jewelry would often have the same kind of designs. This is not to say that designers of various pieces of Celtic jewelry are extremely limited in their ideas. Rather, the main reason as to why jewelry pieces have been classified as Celtic jewelry is primarily because of the various meanings these design elements have. It is also for this sole reason why certain Celtic jewelry pieces are also only worn and given during certain occasions.

Here are some of the most common Celtic jewelry symbols used and their corresponding meanings.

The Celtic Cross

The-Celtic CrossBecause of its religious connotation, the cross has always been considered to resemble faith and Christianity. In the case of the Celtic cross, the four different arms of the Celtic cross stand for the four different elements of the earth. These are earth, wind, fire and water. The cross itself symbolizes the connection and the unity of the four elements. This is further accentuated by the circle that surrounds the Celtic cross. As such, Celtic jewelry pieces that include the Celtic cross as its primary design pay tribute to the various elements of the earth, which according to ancient Celtic tradition, are the very same elements that have resulted to everything on earth to exist.

Celtic Spirals

Celtic-SpiralsNext to the Celtic cross, spiral designs are the most popular designs used in a variety of Celtic jewelry pieces. Generally speaking the spiral design symbolizes the development of life from birth until death. Going deeper, the way how the spiral design has been constructed in the different Celtic jewelry pieces provides a twist to this general meaning. For example, a spiral that spins in a clockwise fashion symbolizes life that began during the winter season. This is because the winter sun is depicted by the clockwise turn. If the design of the Celtic jewelry piece shows two spirals circling in opposing directions, this depicts balance in life between good and evil.

Rope Designs

Rope-DesignsPieces of Celtic jewelry use the rope design to complement Celtic crosses and spiral symbols to symbolize continuity. It is for this reason that many designers of different pieces of Celtic jewelry would often use the rope design for rings and bangles as opposed to earrings and necklaces.

Knot Patterns

Knot-Patterns-1This particular design is a common favorite for many wedding and engagement rings. Usually, knot designs in Celtic jewelry come in either one or two knots. The knot design symbolizes togetherness, loyalty and unison. Oftentimes, these are used alongside with spiral Celtic designs. When designers select to use knot patterns with spiral designs, these are crafted in such a way that the design does not appear to have a beginning and an end. This is to symbolize eternity and infinity, whose symbol coincidentally resembles that of a knot with no beginning and end.

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