Sextuplets (2019) – Movie Trailer

Did you like Scary Movies? Did you like Naked? If you are a fan of that kind of comedies, you will like Sextuplets too, because the team around those movies are responsible for this one also! The movie comes to Netflix this month and after watching the trailer, it looks like we will have around 90 minutes of pure laugh…

Alan is expecting his first child, but he unexpectedly discovers that he was born a sextuplet and decides to try to find his brothers before his child borns. Firstly, he discovers his brother Russell and along with him, goes on a journey to reunite with their remaining siblings…

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The movie is directed by Michael Tiddes, a well-known director in comedy genre by movies like Naked (2017), Fifty Shades of Black (2016) or A Haunted House (2013). The film is written by duo Rick Alvarez and Marlon Wayans (they worked together writing Naked (2017), A Haunted House (2013) and other films also) with help of Mike Glock.

In the main roles are Marlon Wayans, who plays all six personalities in the film (White Chicks (2004), Little Man (2006), Scary Movie (2000)), Primetime Emmy nominee Molly Shannon (Never Been Kissed (1999), Superstar (1999), Scary Movie 4 (2006)), Bresha Webb (Night School (2018), Meet the Blacks (2016), Ride Along 2 (2016)), Debbi Morgan (The Hurricane (1999), Eve’s Bayou (1997)) and others.

Take a look at the official trailer for Sextuplets movie:

The movie Sextuplets comes to Netflix on August 16.

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