Wearable Interactive Sculptures

Wearable-Interactive-SculpturesArtist Jennifer Crupi makes wearable interactive sculptures that encourage the wearer to hold a specific pose or gesture. Some sculptures are jewelry-like, such as the sterling silver “Ornamental Hands” which creates a dancer’s hand gesture. Crupi has also made gestural furniture—the “Empathy Table” fits on the laps of two people and has indentations that invite the participants to regard one another thoughtfully. Crupi’s sculptures are intended to highlight the role of body language in communication.

Photo Series of Chinese Toy Factory Workers

Photo Series of Chinese Toy Factory WorkersChina is the biggest toy exporter in the world - nearly 75% of all the world's toys are made in the country – but the retail price of one high-quality toy in the western market is often more than six months' salary for a Chinese toy factory worker. In order to depict the drudgery of mass toy production, photographer Michael Wolf made a large-scale installation where he attached 20,000 used plastic toys all made in China surrounding large sized photos of the workers who make them. Wolf called the project “The Real Toy Story”. The work portrays the human presence behind mass-produced goods and provides viewers with a visceral, immersive experience that evokes the sensation of density endemic to urban areas of the region.

The Worst Photoshop Fails

The Worst Photoshop FailsThese worst photoshop fails will have you wondering what in the world happened to quality control.
A collection of complete Photoshop mishaps from the media, where they tend to exaggerate a bit.
These people make a living doing this tuff... enjoy these horribly embarassing Photoshop FAILS from around the world!

What are Astronauts Going to Do After Space Shuttle Missions are Canceled

Astronauts-Photography-by-Hunter-Freeman-You are probably informed about the upcoming cancellation of the Space Shuttle program by the United States. The cancellation of this program is explained by the lack of funds which are needed to support this not so cheap way of exploring the universe.
After the Space Shuttle missions are canceled, there will be a number of astronomers and astronauts who are going to sit jobless and bore themselves since they cannot fly into space anymore.
But photographer Hunter Freeman has already found some good propositions about what could all those astronauts do if they loose their jobs.
He created some entertaining collection of photos of astronauts doing their new jobs like searching for lost jewerly on beaches, cleaning buildings, washing extreme dirty clothes or just watching a television and eating pop-corns.

Weird Jewelry Created From Hair

Weird-Hair-JewelryWe can agree that modern art can be sometimes weird, and the following examples or art are definitely weird. If you’re into jewelry and that sort of things, you might want to check this piece of jewelry. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t into jewelry and after seeing these pictures, I more certain than ever that jewelry just isn’t for me.

Creative Costumes for Kids: The Entertaining Way to Spend Some Time With the Kids

Creative-Costumes-for-KidsPlaying and spending some time with your kids is one of the most important duties which should not be omitted in any circumstances. Kids need their parents' attention and they need parents to be raised and educated by them. In the time when you can find the most craziest and some of the most unbelievable types of toys in shops, it is hard to choose the right way to entertain your kids...

Man Builds Underground Nuclear Bunker

Underground-nuclear-bunkerMike Thomas is on the lookout for a nuclear war obsessed soul willing to buy his underground bunker. Built in the 1980’s the secretive foxhole was to protect Mike’s family from harm’s way in the eventuality of a nuke war between Russia and the West. With the war clouds lifted Mike finds little use in the shelter and has decided to put it on sale but for those who still expect terrorist nuclear attack here are some interesting specs...

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

Sleep is absolutely essential for every human being. Despite scientists still not figuring out the process entirely, we still know a lot about this daily activity. Every mammal, bird and most reptiles, amphibians and fish require sleep to function. Here are 16 things you probably never knew about sleep.

The War Against Counterfeit Money

More than $750 billion in U.S. currency is in circulation: around $60 million of it is fake. As scanners and printers become more powerful, the Department of Treasury must try to out-tech the bad guys with increasingly sophisticated money. Meanwhile, most of us just spend our Lincolns on foot longs and never know the difference. Our latest infographic explains the state of counterfeiting and what we’re doing about it today.