16 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

Sleep is absolutely essential for every human being. Despite scientists still not figuring out the process entirely, we still know a lot about this daily activity. Every mammal, bird and most reptiles, amphibians and fish require sleep to function. Here are 16 things you probably never knew about sleep.

The War Against Counterfeit Money

More than $750 billion in U.S. currency is in circulation: around $60 million of it is fake. As scanners and printers become more powerful, the Department of Treasury must try to out-tech the bad guys with increasingly sophisticated money. Meanwhile, most of us just spend our Lincolns on foot longs and never know the difference. Our latest infographic explains the state of counterfeiting and what we’re doing about it today.

Bizarre Acoustic Devices Used For Hearing Airplanes in WWII

Bizarre-Acoustic-DevicesToday when we have all those electronic devices which are making our everyday lives easier and less painful, we are not aware of the fact how it would be hard to live without those inventions.
The period between the World War I and World War II was a period of huge rise in number of military technology researches and inventions...

Crazy Inventions Which Once Were Cool Stuff

Crazy-InventionsHumans are intelligent creatures who are capable to bring out some of the most complicated inventions. Probably everyone has done some minor inventing job in some period of his life. There are two kind of inventions: effective inventions and complicated ones.
No matter how those inventions which can be seen in following photos are ridiculous and crazy, you have to consider that once they were pretty fashionable thing, especially...

40 Beautiful Example of Black and White Photography

Black-and-White-PhotographyBlack and white photography is the creation of monochrome images using photographic techniques. Through the use of either a traditional film camera or digital camera, the artist exposes an image media, such as film or a digital image sensor, to light. The light then affects the image media in such a way as to leave a permanent imprint of the scene on that media. This media is then processed to create a final image or photograph.
A modern black and white photography can be either film-based or digital. The process remains the same in that the film or digital sensor is exposed to light through a lens, and then the resulting image is processed either in a darkroom or by computer to create the final black-and-white image...

Beautiful Handmade Caddilac Gets its Shine Back After Long Time

Beautiful Handmade Caddilac Gets its Shine Back After Long TimeCaddilacs are beautiful cars and they are even more beautiful when they are modified by their owners. Owner of this Caddilac has done some amazing and stylish modification, all of them are handmade. However, it seems that the owner of this pretty valuable piece of rust has been already dead or absent for a long time. But this little photo-story shows us that this beautiful car is not going to die, actually...

Antique Hand Powered Blender

Antique Hand Powered BlenderWhen you step inside your kitchen every morning, you probably do not think much about how actually it is easy to work with today's kitchen tools. If you look a step back in history you'll see that, about hundred years ago or less, it wasn't so easy to prepare food.
The device you are looking at is antique blender which has been purchased in Kislovodsk antique shop. It was used to slice and smash fruit and other food but, unlike today's blenders, this one is not powered by electricity...

Brian Jungen Turns Every Day Objects on Their Heads

Brian-JungenBrian Jungen turns every day objects on their heads, revealing the potential for magic and mystery in even the most mundane moments to create visual sculptures, baseball mitts become a punk-rock mannequin, or a warrior’s armor. Plastic lawn chairs become the hulking exoskeleton of a whale. Hundreds of trash bins become the building block for a sci-fi geodesic dome, or a giant turtle’s vacated shell. His ability to transform is nothing short of alchemical....

You Will Feel Like You Are in Cartoon in This Cardboard Room

Cartoon-Cardboard-RoomI have seen a lot of funny and useful things made from cardboard but this cardboard creation is way more amazing than any other I have seen until now.
As you can see from the photos, some unknown artist has created a whole room and all things in it from cardboard. There you can see all furniture built from cardboard including kitchen and bathroom...

The Scary Side of Trafalgar Square by Barnaby Barford

The-Scary-Side-of-Trafalgar-Square-by-Barnaby-BarfordBarnaby Barford is a British sculptor who feels the need to express his pretty weird view on the world he lives in.
Here is one of his most interesting collections of figures called Trafalgar Square which shows us all bad sides of the British society.
His world is full of crazy people who do the worst things to themselves and to others. There you can see kids shooting rats and pigeons, drinking beer or smoking cigarettes. Tons of junk are all around the place which, I truly hope, is not the real image of Trafalgar Square...