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A Commitment to Culture: The Museum of Islamic Arts in Qatar

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One of the newest establishments in Qatar serves as one of the most inspirational projects in Doha. TheThe-Museum-of-Islamic-Art- in-Qatar newly built Museum of Islamic Art is definitely a spot to pay attention to. Apparently, the people in Doha can not only boast of the museum’s splendid architectural design and built. Instead, they can be exceptionally proud of the traits and values that the building reflects.

Basically, the structure was built in order to provide a center for excellence in the education and cultural sector of the city. In addition to that, the museum also clearly reflects the commitment and vision of the State of Qatar towards the continuous development and improvement of not just Doha’s culture, but that of the other countries as well.

The Museum of Islamic Arts proves to be a very stunning area where cultural and historical values abound. It not only caters the wondrous riches offered by Qatar. Instead, its hosts an extensive set of Islamic treasures from around the globe. The spot holds an estimate of 5,000 square meters for its exhibition area. In addition to that, it also has more than adequate spaces allotted for education areas, conservation spots, and presentation galleries.

In order to successfully form the awe-inspiring sight of the Museum, it took the knowledge and the skills of the most credible minds in the field of architectural design. The most distinguished of which is the Chinese American architect Leoh Min Pei, who is more popular by his career name, I. M. Pei. A world renowned architect, Pei was also the one who designed the Louvre in Paris. At the age of 90, Pei was more than in his retirement age. However, it will definitely take more than old age in order to stop Pei from creating splendid architectural masterpieces.

For his latest work of art, Pei got his inspiration from a number of great Islamic buildings that mushroomed around the globe. These included the Ibn Tulun’s mosque that is situated in Egypt, and the Al Hambra Palace that is in Spain. From these architectural patterns and ideas, Pei was successful in creating the imposing white structure that strongly depicted an artistic combination of the classical and modern Islamic structures.

Islamic-ArtsComplementing the goal of the state of Qatar, the museum was designed to be a centerpiece in the nation’s strategy to be a well acknowledged tourist spot. The place employs almost two hundred museum personnel in order to ensure that Islamic culture is served at its very best. In the near future, the state of Qatar hopes that the Museum will work in collaboration with the three other national museums that will be constructed within the area of the famous Doha Harbor.

Aside from being a cultural project worthy of utmost attention in the state of Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Arts is also in the list of the most important and epic buildings of its type around the globe. Because of its splendid architectural designs, it is often regarded as one of the highly distinguished man made marvels in the whole of the Middle East.

Without any doubt, the museum deserves its title as a structure of exceptional quality. With this museum, along with other cultural centers that will be built in the near future, the state of Qatar hopes that it can achieve its ultimate goal of becoming a top destination spot for cultural excellence. The construction of the museums will be complemented with the establishment of universities and the reformation of the country’s educational system.

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