The Jumeirah Beach

A Man Made Delight: The Jumeirah Beach

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The-Jumeirah-Beach-1Vacations are primarily made for the recreational purposes. Many people who are quite pre occupied with their jobs and other day to day activities plan their long awaited vacations since they want to relax and spend some time away from their daily troubles and worries. If you are one of those who want to escape daily pressures, then you ought to book a trip to Dubai – specifically – The Jumeirah Beach.

The Jumeirah Beach of Dubai is undeniably one of the most popular tourist attractions in the emirate. Year by year, thousands and thousands of tourists and locals pay a visit to this magnificent area. Most of them are the Western expatriates who work in the regions of the United Arab Emirates. As a result, it has been recognized as one of the top traveler hubs in the whole of the Middle East. Aside from the fact that travelers frequent the place, the local people also pay a visit to the area quite often.

The Jumeirah Beach is also considered as a residential area. These days, the beach is home to many low rise private houses as well as luxurious town homes that compete aggressively when it comes to their architectural styles.

Technically, the Jumeirah Beach of Dubai is an artificial beach. However, despite the fact that it is not oneThe-Jumeirah-Beach-2 of the many natural wonders located in the Jumeirah strip, it continues to be one of the most awe-inspiring sites in the area. It is situated along the long stretch of the Arabian Sea in the town of Bur Dubai. It is strategically located as a prime residential cite as it is only 15 kilometers away from the Dubai City Center. While it is highly noted as one of the most attractive beaches in the Middle East these days, it was more popular as a fishing site in its early days. During its early beginnings, the place was inhabited by native fishermen.

Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach is regarded as magnificent primarily because of the pristine waters that perfectly neglects the dryness of the country’s deserts. Definitely, a trip to this place will be a truly rewarding experience as every step on the sand and every blow of the cool breeze will definitely refresh your senses and rejuvenate your mind and body. The Jumeirah Beach hosts a large number of hotels, resorts, spas, beach hotels and private bungalows that are more than willing to cater to all of your needs and desires.

Undeniably, the rapidly rising tourism industry of Dubai has brought about the creation of a variety of delights for the avid traveler. Among the most renowned hotels and resorts in the area are the Jumeirah International, the Madinet, and the Wadi. Aside from the amazing park resorts in the area, one should also try to visit the third biggest man made island in the world – The Palm Island. Palm Island is situated somewhere near the coast of Jumeirah Beach. If you belong to the fairer sex, you will be delighted to have an added reason to stay in the place as the in-house Jumeirah Beach Park has marked some special days for women.

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