This is Barack Obama !!!

Interesting facts about Barack Obama.

Great interest around the world for Barack Obama, President of the United States, does not cease even after more than a week since his election victory.
Media with great interest explore life, habits, plans, menu and all other former and current affinities new supreme world powers say, this is a list of interesting facts about Barack Obama.

This is Barack Obama: Interesting-facts-about-Barack-Obama-1

His name in Swahili means “one who is blessed”;
Sixth postwar left-handed president of the United States;
At the time when he lived in Indonesia, Barack Obama ate the dog’s and Snake meat, as well as locusts;
I still smoker, even though the wife before the campaign promised to throw cigarettes;
As a teenager is consumed marijuana and cocaine;
Late grandmother gave him the nickname “Bear”;
Signed up for photographs in the men’s pin-calendar during the study at Harvard, however, rejected by the Women’s Commission;
The Senate, which once belonged to Robert Kennedy;
Barack Obama has a red boxing glove signed by legendary boxers Muhammad Ali;
In Indonesia is a friend monkeys who called Dad;
has a watch (Chinese production), which gave him s secret service;
has four identical pair of black shoes number 11

What love Barack Obama…:

Most-interesting-facts-about-Barack-Obama-2Comics “Spajdermen” and “Conan the Barbarian”
Shrimps in the way of his Michel
All books about Harry Potter
Protein chocolate bars with peanuts
Blueberry iced tea
Book Mobi Dick “Herman Melville
Movies “Casablanca” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Johann Sebastian Bach and a group of “Fugees”
“Hart Safner marks” suit, worth 1,200 euros
Series “M.A.S.H.” and “The Wire”
Ford Escape Hybrid

… and what despise Barack Obama:

Ice cream, because as a teenager worked in the pastry
Coffee; rarely drink alcohol
To call it Bary, as he was called to the university

What Barack Obama can:Interesting-facts-about-Barack-Obama-5

To play basketball, in high school, the skills in basketball, called it “O’Bomber”, and he now intends to set a basketball court in White House
Speaks Spanish
In-Benz lift 90 kg

Barack Obama rituals:

Fortunately for wearing a small statue of Our Lady with the child and a bracelet soldiers in Iraq
Once a week, visit your hair dresser ZARIF, his service charges 15 euros
On the table has a wooden sculpture hand holding an egg, the symbol of Kenyan.

This is Barack Obama !!!

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