Most Conceptual and Terrific Dark Art Photos

Dark-Art-Photos Dark Art has now become a very recognizable art and continues to grow in popularity. In this medium of art an artist has much room to convey their thoughts and feelings in their creativity.
Here I am presenting 14 very conceptual and meaningful dark art photos for you, hope you all will enjoy this and i am very much sure you will be inspired and enthused by these attractive dark art collection...

Beautiful Photos of Infrared Trees

Infrared-Trees As some of you probably know by my previous posts, I’m fascinated by trees. There’s something really soothing and calming about them to me. Here is a a selection of 12 beautiful infrared trees...

Amazing Clouds

lenticular-clouds-1 Clouds fill the skies above us and are part of our every day lives, often going unnoticed. However, there are some clouds that are so rare that you will be very lucky to see them in your lifetime...

Extreme Piercing at Festival Phuket

Extreme-Piercing-Phuket Probably the most fascinating and also somewhat gruesome festivals in the world, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is best known for its aesthetic displays of unusual body piercings. You may see devotees with tire irons through their cheeks, or large spikes driven through their tongues. The festival is held for just over a week annually during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar, falling somewhere in October.
The Phuket Vegetarian Festival and its rituals are thought by many to bring good fortune to religious followers. Phuket residents of Chinese ancestry, called Hokkien Chinese, follow a strict vegan or vegetarian diet for 10 days...

Top 10 Anti Smoking Ads

Anti-Smoking-Ads Telling a smoker that “smoking kills” is like screaming in front of a deaf person, none of them will notice. But still hoping for the best, different anti smoking Ads do appear often, geared towards making youth aware of the dangers of smoking. We have compiled another creative collection of Anti Smoking Ads. Current smokers aren’t going to be affected by these Ads, but if any of them stops smoking, then the purpose is served. Check out our anti-smoking ads & cool anti-tobacco posters!!! Over the years, the anti-smoking movement has had terrific and inventive print and television ads. They are now broadening to some pretty creative guerilla ...

The Amazing Catacombs in Paris France

Paris-catacombs Prior to 1810 the Paris catacombs were known as Paris' Montrouge stone quarries. As with any large city graveyards began to quickly run out of burial space thus an alternative means of disposing of bodies was necessary. Here you can now walk within a maze of the Paris underground tunnels complete with storage alcoves which go up at least 20 feet and contain millions of bones. The various sides of these bone piles possess designs which have been arranged with the skulls in a sort of pattern.
Existing twenty meters underground one can find over 6 million former residents of Paris on exhibit. Among these bones of the deceased are many illustrated texts which create a macabre atmosphere while describe countless chilling events in the chronicles of Paris. It is here that several Hollywood movies have taken their cue and novels abound concerning the essence of the catacombs.

Amazing Cell Phone

Amazing-Cell-PhoneLINC is a typical touch screen smart phone with all the connectivity and features you come to expect. Its got a cell phone, a media player, a web browser, GPS, downloadable content, Bluetooth, wifi, the latest 3G network. But here’s the catch. LINC is leased to the user as a service, not a product. The user holds on to the device for about a year, and when the next generation of hardware comes along, the user receives a new LINC in the mail. The LINCs inform the user of their hardware upgrade, wirelessly transfer the digital account, and before being shipped back to the manufacturer, LINC informs the user of the next part of its journey. LINC is to be shipped back to a regional manufacturing facility. The device contains valuable materials like aluminum, glass, and electronic components that the producer can harvest for re-use. Typically, mobile phones contain hazardous waste that goes into a landfill or are left in a desk drawer to sit in.

We Were Fishes!!!


Humans are (distantly) descended from a fish that was able to escape some of it's competition and predation by escaping the water. By coming out of the water it got more food and was able to escape all the bigger fish. Over time certain species of fish were just better made for escaping to land so they passed on their traits and little by little these traits became more pronounced and they became an entirely separate species, amphibians.
Meanwhile, back in the water, there were many other species of fish who survive particularly well right where they are, either as top level predators, or because they feed on something that other fish don't feed upon, or they swim faster, or they have a swim bladder, or whatever. So, now you have all these fish (still) and you also have land walking animals. Everything is just capable of surviving in its own environment. In the same way, we share common ancestors with...