Doctor Sleep (2019) – Final Trailer

Yes, I know… I have already written about Doctor Sleep movie, but… The final trailer has been released and it gives us a better look into the film and I don’t want you to miss it guys… Have to admit that Warner Bros. Pictures has very nicely dose these trailers before the final premiere which will be in only two months.

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Doctor Sleep is actually a sequel to the legendary movie The Shining from 1980 and it is always hard to beat the original movie, especially if it is such a masterpiece as Stanley Kubrick film with Jack Nicholson in the main role. What do you think of these first trailers? Can Doctor Sleep with great Ewan McGregor get any close to the epic Shining?

I will not write standard movie roles here, because I have already done it in my first post. You can check it here

Take a look at the official trailer for Doctor Sleep movie:

The movie Doctor Sleep will come to the cinema on November 8th.

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