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Do you like old-fashioned horror movies in “Friday the 13th or Halloween” style? Well, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions brings us a new horror movie named Black Christmas and it will be a perfect fit for that kind of fan. Good-old killing-horror without ghosts and stuff… 🙂

It is too quiet in the Hawthorne College campus for the holidays, so a group of friends in sisterhood decides to organize a series of seasonal parties… Of course, it went wrong from the first one when one of the girls disappeared and later found dead… Black-masked stalker has started killing women one by one…

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The director and writer of the movie is Sophia Takal, known actress and producer, but also director of movies like Always Shine (2016) or Green (2011). She had help with writing by April Wolfe. The movie was produced by Blumhouse Productions, which have done movies like Halloween (2018) or Get Out (2017).

In the main roles we will see Imogen Poots (Green Room (2015), 28 Weeks Later (2007), That Awkward Moment (2014)), Lily Donoghue (TV Series Grey’s Anatomy (2018), Halt and Catch Fire (2017)), Aleyse Shannon (TV Series Charmed (2018-2019), Instinct (2019)), Brittany O’Grady (TV Series Star (2016-2019), Above Suspicion (2019)), Cary Elwes (Saw (2004), The Princess Bride (1987), Men in Tights (1993)), Simon Mead (TV Series Nothing Trivial (2011-2014), Hillary (2016)), Caleb Eberhardt (The Post (2017), TV Series Happy! (2017)) and others.

Take a look at the official trailer for Black Christmas movie:

The movie Black Christmas will come to the cinema on December 13th.

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